These are the top 10 most popular South Park episodes to the end of 2011 according to us. Remember, there is only room for 10 episodes on a top ten list.

10. Miss Teacher Bangs a Boy

It’s hard not to love this episode. Ike banging his teacher, the cops who think it’s awesome a young boy is hooking up with his hot teacher, Cartman as Dog the Bounty Hunter. I, love, this, episode.

9. All About Mormons

The episode is about Mormons. It centers around a Mormon family that moves to South Park. They start to influence the beliefs of the family of Stan Marsh. Matt and Trey have always had an infactuation with Mormons and their interesting beliefs. It’s easy to understand why after seeing this episode.

8. Scott Tenorman Must Die

Scott Tenorman tricks Cartman into buying pubes. Not taking this lightly he cooks up a plan to get back at Scott for ultimate revenge. Revenge is a dish best served chili con carne.


Cartman dresses up as a robot to mess with Butters, hilarity ensues.

6. Major Boobage

A tribute to the 1981 film “Heavy Metal”, this episode centers around Kenny and cheesing. Cheesing (drug use which of course is real) is when you inhale male cat urine, then are teleported to the land of Heavy Metal where you to feel on a big chested woman and save from dangerous situations. It’s awesome South Park style cardboard animation + animation from 1981. Classic.

5. Butters’ Bottom Bitch

Butter’s start pimping out girls on the playground. The idea of Butter’s becoming a pimp is what makes this episode.

4. Ginger Kids

The boys are tired of Cartman’s evil ways, so they make Cartman believe that he’s now a ginger. The episode goes from great to epic pretty quickly.  Don’t put Cartman in a corner! Spoiler: Cartman almost learns a lesson in this episode.

3. Tsst

Ms. Cartman tries to get help for her son Cartman so she hires a nanny reality show. The nannies don’t work so she’s forced to use drastic measures.

2. Asspen

The different families of South Park go to Aspen Colorado with the ideas of a fun-filled weekend getaway. It turns into a hilarious never-ending time-share sales pitch adventure.

warcraft.1. Make Love, Not Warcraft

The boys hatch a plan to beat a powerful warrior (with no life) on World of Warcraft. “Mom! Bathroom! Bathroom!”