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Exercise Fitness

Keeping fit during the winter months is easier with a good indoor workout program. You don’t have to pay a personal trainer to get the benefit of training from top exercise and fitness gurus. Free, online videos on YouTube will help you stay in shape when you don’t want to go outside. Here is our list of the top 10 videos for fitness and relaxation.

Lift and Tone Booty Routine With Katrina

Fit person.Building a finely sculpted booty is the goal of many fitness freaks these days. Hardly surprising because you see them (displayed behinds) everywhere. This specialist workout video has moves like kick backs and reverse lunges. It allows you to achieve a stronger, toned and lifted posterior.

Easy Zumba Class

This Zumba workout is a great excuse to dance around your living room. As always, it’s fast-paced. However, the steps are easy to follow. Once you get the hang of it, you can just turn up the volume and let your body move to the sound of cheery horns and delightful beats.

Banish Fat, Boost Metabolism Complete Workout

Jillian Michaels, the queen of lean, brings her tough cardio training to YouTube. The total-body workout video includes seven strength-training circuits designed to strengthen and tone every muscle. “If you’re not winded, you are not working hard enough,” Jillian proclaims in the video. It’s safe to say you’re in for a seriously sweaty and hard session.

7-Minute Workout: Full-Body, Fat-Burning Cardio

This proves that you don’t need to go to the gym for a major workout. The philosophy behind the video is to work quick and work hard. It has exercises such as one-legged squats and moving planks; offering significant muscle-building effects.

Luscious Legs Lottery Full Workout

Build strong thighs and calves with this 11-minute routine presented by Autumn Calabrese. You can power through 3 sets of tough moves, including single-leg jump squats and wall squats. It is a quick workout that doesn’t require euipment.

Total-Body Sculpting Resistance Band Workout

The resistance band is a travel-friendly workout tool . Not only is it extremely light and compact, it’s also versatile and environmentally friendly. The workout combines strength movements (like rear lunges) with cardio-boosting exercises. The routine develops your entire body.

Chair Workout for Legs

Desperate times call for desperate fitness measures. If you have no fitness equipment, how about a chair workout? This routine works your lower half using only your body weight and a chair. At only 10 minutes long, you can squeeze this into any schedule.

Beyoncé Move Your Body Full Workout Routine

Beyoncé is known as an all-round performer. While we might not be able to sing like her, we can move like her with the help of some coaching. This video series feature choreographer Frank Gatson Jr. He breaks down every element of Beyoncé’s Let’s Move! campaign. It features a remix of Get Me Bodied.

Tara Stiles: Yoga Weight-Loss & Balance Workout

Yoga is convenient; you can do it anywhere, anytime. Some instruction helps you get through a full sequence. Tara Stiles is a New York yogi who teaches a full-flow class in this strong 50-minute session. Her instructions are detailed but easy to follow. It feels like you’re working one-on-one. By the end, you’ve had a full yoga experience.

Sore Muscle Workout Routine

Soreness from a previous workout, which can last for days, can put the breaks on getting super fit. This easy-to-follow routine can really help. The exercises stretch and strengthen muscles while giving your body a chance to recover. So you don’t miss out on a workout while pausing before getting back into the tough stuff.

Sons of Anarchy

Sons of Anarchy is an American drama series by Kurt Sutter about the members of a tight outlaw motorcycle club in Charming, a fictional town in California. The show revolves around Jackson Teller (Charlie Hunnam) who is the president of the club. “Jax” starts to question the club and himself.

The seventh and final season premiered on 9 September 2014 and concluded on 9 December 2014.

Review of Season 7

Sons of AThe last season of Sons of Anarchy starts at a rapid pace. In the season premiere, we found out that Gemma hid her murder of Tara by accusing Henry Lin’s gang. Jax was planning to take extreme vengeance. The season finished on a high with layers of complicated storylines resolved and the characters also attaining emotional peace.

The middle of the season was generally weaker than the start and finish. The show was always replete with complicated plots that twisted and turned and grew from year to year. Normally, that would means the season as a whole being greater than the sum of its parts. But the middle was tedious at at times as we waited for the climax when Jax finds out the truth about Tara’s killing. While each episode had some exciting, action-packed moments, the wait was too long. It didn’t help was that each episode was literally extended in length. Was it necessary to show members of SAMCRO sleeping on their bikes or urinating near the side of the road?

The season featured Jax miring in the mess created by Gemma’s big lie and dragging the club down along with him. The body count felt harsh, such as the massacre at Diosa Norte, Jury’s son, and Bobby. Viewers has the inside knowledge that Jax started the gang war based on a lie. Jax learning that his mother had killed his wife was tragic but also a relief for the audience.


Sons of Anarchy’s final season started and ended terrifically well. Although the season was slow in the middle stages, the show’s writers managed to tie up loose ends and deliver an emotional goodbye to the characters. Jax took a mistaken path of vengeance for most of the season. However, in the end, he gained some redemption. He owned up to his wrongdoings and sacrificed himself to save his family and the club.

South Park Top 10 Episodes

These are the top 10 most popular South Park episodes to the end of 2011 according to us. Remember, there is only room for 10 episodes on a top ten list.

10. Miss Teacher Bangs a Boy

It’s hard not to love this episode. Ike banging his teacher, the cops who think it’s awesome a young boy is hooking up with his hot teacher, Cartman as Dog the Bounty Hunter. I, love, this, episode.

9. All About Mormons

The episode is about Mormons. It centers around a Mormon family that moves to South Park. They start to influence the beliefs of the family of Stan Marsh. Matt and Trey have always had an infactuation with Mormons and their interesting beliefs. It’s easy to understand why after seeing this episode.

8. Scott Tenorman Must Die

Scott Tenorman tricks Cartman into buying pubes. Not taking this lightly he cooks up a plan to get back at Scott for ultimate revenge. Revenge is a dish best served chili con carne.


Cartman dresses up as a robot to mess with Butters, hilarity ensues.

6. Major Boobage

A tribute to the 1981 film “Heavy Metal”, this episode centers around Kenny and cheesing. Cheesing (drug use which of course is real) is when you inhale male cat urine, then are teleported to the land of Heavy Metal where you to feel on a big chested woman and save from dangerous situations. It’s awesome South Park style cardboard animation + animation from 1981. Classic.

5. Butters’ Bottom Bitch

Butter’s start pimping out girls on the playground. The idea of Butter’s becoming a pimp is what makes this episode.

4. Ginger Kids

The boys are tired of Cartman’s evil ways, so they make Cartman believe that he’s now a ginger. The episode goes from great to epic pretty quickly.  Don’t put Cartman in a corner! Spoiler: Cartman almost learns a lesson in this episode.

3. Tsst

Ms. Cartman tries to get help for her son Cartman so she hires a nanny reality show. The nannies don’t work so she’s forced to use drastic measures.

2. Asspen

The different families of South Park go to Aspen Colorado with the ideas of a fun-filled weekend getaway. It turns into a hilarious never-ending time-share sales pitch adventure.

warcraft.1. Make Love, Not Warcraft

The boys hatch a plan to beat a powerful warrior (with no life) on World of Warcraft. “Mom! Bathroom! Bathroom!”

True Blood Season 7

Season 7 of True Blood is the final season of the show. It consists of ten episodes and premiered on June 22, 2014.

Episode 1: Jesus Gonna Be Here

A band of H-Vamps leads a gruesome attack that throws Bon Temps into chaos. It prompts a wave of spiteful accusations, with Sookie the catalyst. At the same time, Jessica tries to make up for past mistakes; Bill finds an unlikely ally in a showdown with vigilantes; and Pam searches for information about Eric’s whereabouts.

Episode 2: I Found You

Jason has a fantasy dream about Eric. Arlene and Holly devise a plan to escape but things go awry. Lettie Mae’s obsession to see Tara prompts extreme actions. Sookie, Andy, Alcide, Jason and Sam visit Saint Alice to find out if there were survivors. They discover a mass grave and ghost town. With the mayor and sheriff gone, the people of Bon Temps take action themselves. Jessica desperately tries to help Adilyn, who has been captured by the aggressive townsfolk. Sookie seeks help from Bill. While Pam finds Eric, their reunion is spoiled as he has contracted Hep V.

Episode 3: Fire in the Hole

Sookie devises a dangerous plan to take down the H-Vamps, though Vince and his armed vigilantes pose a similar threat. Lafayette and James get high; Jason contemplates a family future with Violet; Willa must find a new place to stay; and Sarah Newlin leaves her past behind. Pam offers Eric a persuasive reason to return to Louisiana and be the vampire he once was.

Episode 4: Death Is Not the End

Sookie and Jason make separate phone calls to Jackson and Hoyt to tell them of the death of their family members. Eric makes a detour to Bon Temps to see Willa (and Sookie), bringing a reluctant Pam along. James stages an intervention for Jessica – she hasn’t fed since accidentally killing Adilyn’s sisters. Sookie probes Holly’s mind, finding out that Arlene and Nicole are held at Fangtasia. She rounds up her friends to save them. But coinciding with their attempted rescue is an attack by the anti-vampire mob.

Episode 5: Lost Cause

An exhausted Sookie finds herself the reluctant host of a mainstreaming party in Bon Temps. Eric and Pam attend a gala fundraiser in Dallas in search of an elusive adversary. Andy makes a major decision; Jessica and James reach crossroads; Bill loses himself in remembering human days.

Episode 6: Karma

karmaLafayette indulges Lettie Mae and comes to the realisation that she may not just be hallucinating. Eric captures Sarah Newlin but ends up fighting the Yakuza. He and Pam are captured whileSarah escapes. Violet retaliates against Jason’s infidelity and lures Andy and Holly’s children away. Jessica has a shocking discovery about Bill while Sookie receives sbad news. Bill attempts to leave his property to Jessica but is confronted by obstacles, including the progression of illness. He vents frustration before returning to find Sookie and Jessica waiting. Sarah finds shelter with her estranged sister Amber, who is also dying of Hep. There is a life-changing revelation.

Episode 7: May Be the Last Time

Eric, Pam and Mr Gus target in on Sarah in Dallas. Adilyn and Wade find a brief haven and surprising hospitality. A desperate Sookie turns to left-field resources in search of a miracle cure. Bill recalls the unstoppable forces that led him to marrying 170 years earlier. A familiar face appears in Bon Temps. Sam faces a difficult quandary. Hoyt Fortenberry makes a return as well.

Episode 8: Almost Home

Sarah is captured by Eric, Pam and Mr Gus. Drinking from her almost instantly cures Eric of Hep V. Lettie Mae and Lafayette convince Rev Daniels to join them in searching for Tara. Jason stumbles into a trap in trying to save Jessica, Adilyn and Wade from Violet. Help comes from an unexpected source. Sarah is kept prisoner by Eric, Pam and Yakanomo Corp in the basement of Fangtasia. However, neither the vampires nor the Yakuza trust each another. Jessica and Hoyt get reacquainted. Eric reveals the Hep-V cure to Sookie and offers to heal Bill. But when Sookie pressures Bill to drink from Sarah, Eric and Jessica, he refuses.

Episode 9: Love is to Die

In desperation, Bill tries to ferry Warlow away from the faerie plane. However, Sookie is having none of it. Eric arrives at Vamp Camp looking to inflict major human damage. In Bon Temps, emotional friends and family take turns remembering a fallen neighbor. Bill feels the draw of Lilith’s sirens.

Finale: Thank You

True Blood draws to a close with an unusually sane finale. One’s opinion on the final depends on your tolerance for predictably happy endings. Hoyt returns with no memory of Jessica. But somehow he immediately falls in love with her. And Hoyt’s just-spurned girlfriend just happens to be the perfect match for Jason Stackhouse? It’s all very convenient. The episode provides a big death though, with Sookie staking Bill upon request.

The story left us with the unforgettable image of Sookie kneeling in Bill’s blood-filled coffin, crying in grief. But Bill’s was a horrible person for the past four seasons and I, for one, was happy for him to die.